Fixed Pricing

Price is always a reflection of value. And the risk should be on us to provide you with value. Except in rare instances, we work from fixed prices that you and we agree upon based on the scope of services. And we typically break that down into affordable monthly or quarterly terms so that there are no big cash flow surprises. We aim for pricing that is beneficial to all concerned.

Service Guarantee

Our premium services come with a value guarantee. And again, the risk of success for these arrangements should be on us, not you. For Strategic Assessment and Tax Strategy services, we are paid only if we provide value, and typically, your return on investment will be in the 3x to 5x range. For example, if we identify tax tactics that will save you $10,000 in taxes, our fees will be in the range of $2,000 to $3,000. Put another way, would you be willing to pay $2,000 to $3,000 for $10,000 of tax savings? But if we can’t come up with savings for you, there is no cost to you.

Our coaching services also offer a guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied for any reason with any part of any invoice in the past 30 days, do not pay us for it. Simply scratch out the line item, write a brief note about the problem, and return a copy of the invoice along with your check for the balance.

Income Tax Returns

While we make every effort to prepare income tax returns resulting in the lowest tax possible based upon the information we are provided, tax preparation remains a commodity service unless paired with tax planning and tax strategy. Our prices for income tax preparation are also fixed, up front, and based upon clean, orderly information. While we are happy to further compile and summarize any information you provide us, ultimately, the price is affected by the organization. To help with tax data organization, included in our price is the use of a tax organization tool named TaxCaddy.