If you’re a Medical Practitioner, you’ll know how complex and demanding this industry is.  Just as you wouldn’t expect your clients to simply pick a medical practitioner out of the phone book without doing some research first, we wouldn’t expect you to choose an accountant simply because they’re next door.  You want a professional like yourself who understands your unique pressures and requirements.  Holden Moss, North Carolina Certified Public Accountants, have a wide range of experience working with medical practitioners, and it’s our privilege to help this community thrive.

We are committed to staying up to date with the specific business-related issues relevant to the medical industry, and our accounting work with general practitioners, specialized medical practitioners, and sole practitioners in the medical industry has well prepared us to help you in your practice.

Specific Challenges in the Medical Industry

We’re all familiar with our nation and society’s tendency to turn to litigation without even blinking.  We can help you ensure that your practice is structured properly so that you, your family, and your business are well protected.  And it doesn’t have to be complicated – we’ll take care of the details, but we’ll make sure you understand exactly how things should work to your and your business’ success.

Are you like many Doctors?

  • You struggle with understanding what the numbers mean, and how you should respond.

  • You want to provide the best care in a fee competitive environment - but how?

  • Is your new practice debt overwhelming? Struggling with how to pay it off quickly?

  • You care deeply for your patients, seeking the best for them.

  • You want someone who will speak with you often, and on your level, not technical jargon.

  • Does it sometimes feel like the team is tearing apart?

  • If you have a profit, you worry that taxes will eat it all up.

  • Often, profits are minimal. Are you able to draw market-rate compensation for yourself.

  • You hate surprises, particularly cash flow surprises.

  • We commonly hear you feel disconnected from you business, like you are losing touch. You feel alone and maybe a bit helpless.

  • And all this may be affecting the most important relationships in your life.


Truthfully, it is not your fault - you were not taught how to run a medical practice.

It should not be so hard.

You just need a better way, a step by step blueprint, and someone to walk with you.

3 Step Process to Get on Track

We Ask, You Talk, We Listen

The introductory meeting is designed to understand and gain clarity over your unique concerns, passions, goals, and dreams. We listen to get crystal clear on the key priorities, and structure a plan of action with you to accomplish your goals.

Strategic Assessment

Though a proven process, our team performs an assessment of the 5 critical areas of your business. We present you with the key findings, and provide actionable intelligence you can use in your business right away.

We offer goals based and issues based coaching and advisory services, focusing on helping you improve and grow your business.


With a clearly defined strategy, begin to achieve your goals. Know the priorities and tasks to get you there. On pace, on schedule, in rhythm, begin to achieve results you desire.

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to succeed. We have helped others, and we can help you.

We are CPAs who also happen to be business coaches. We bring new ideas, world-class tools, and training.

While we cut our teeth on taxes and accounting, our heart is in transforming our clients’ businesses.

Need assistance and training with QBO (QuickBooks Online) or Xero? Our team can assist. Learn more about Active Management Systems.