We make the transition from your previous accountants really easy.


Are your needs not being met by your current accountant?

Ready for a change?

Our simple transition process removes the stress and burden from you, and places it on us.

Sign a consent to authorize your prior accountant to release files to us.

We will ask you to sign a simple document authorizing your prior accountant to release copies of your tax and accounting records to us. We will list the requested items in a clear, concise manner. You provide the contact details, and we’ll do the rest. We will contact and coordinate the documents transfer with your prior accountant.

Upload documents to a secure portal (or paper works).

We will provide you, and your prior accountant, an option to upload electronic documents to us through a secure, online portal. If paper documents are more convenient, we accept those also.

Receive a communication plan on how we will meet your needs going forward.

Upon receipt of your tax and accounting files, we will work with you on next steps. You will clearly know what actions you and us will take, the timing of services, and what additional information is needed.