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Are you overwhelmed, overworked, and feeling alone with a business that controls you (and possibly your family)?

Has your business has not turned out as you had dreamed?

Everyone wants their shot at a thriving business and making a difference. But for one reason or another, you are stuck.

If you are looking to drive the results of your business, a coach is the next step. What’s different is our relationship with you. We’ve got your back. Weekly, monthly, quarterly – as you need us, we are there for you.


What is coaching?

You weren’t taught how to run a modern business. And that’s okay. It’s not your fault. With guidance, you can begin taming the noise of business. We understand, and we have a plan for faster growth, with less drama. We have cleared the path for others like you, and we can do it with you. Your dream can live on. We searched for decades for best practices in scaling small to medium businesses. We have found it in the Gazelles Scaling Up methodology, based upon the books, Rockefeller Habits and Scaling Up by Verne Harnish. Gazelles Coaches have proven the values and benefits of Scaling Up Coaching:

  • 20,000 combined years of cross-sector experience

  • 10,000+ clients globally

  • $42 billion in combined annual revenue.

As a Gazelles Scaling Up Certified Coach, the tools available through the Scaling Up methodology empowers you with strategic tools to help them grow. We become your trusted advisor and sounding board.

We are your co-architect in the creation of an action plan designed to accelerate your success around the Four Decisions.


People: We help you to develop a strategic, sustainable, and synergistic team culture that will quickly increase profitability.

Strategy: Development of a solid business strategy, using the One-Page Strategic Plan

Execution: Using tools such as the Rockefeller Habits Checklist, you execute on the Plan.

Cash: Cash surprises are no fun. Exclusive cash acceleration strategies can relieve the pain.




Are all employees, customers, and shareholders happy and engaged in the business?

Do you have “the right people doing the right things right”?

It starts with you own relationship goals and priorities. Then, being clear which team members are accountable for the main process and functions that drive the business.

The tools include, One Page Personal Plan (OPPP), Functional Accountability Chart (FACe), Process Accountability Chart (PACe).





can you state your business strategy simply?

is it driving sustainable growth in revenue and gross margins?

Strategic thinking requires a few senior team members meeting weekly in “the Council”, using Jim Collins words. This team is focused on discussing a few big strategic issues without getting bogged down in operational issues. Tools include SWT and 7 Strata, PDF here and here.

Execution planning requires a much larger team to implement the broader strategy, setting specific annual and quarterly priorities, outcomes expected and KPIs.

Tools include Vision Summary, SWT, and the 7 Strata of Strategy all feeding into the One Page Strategic Plan (OPSP), all located here.





are all processes running without drama?

are you driving industry-leading profitability?

You have execution issues if the following exist:

  • There is needless drama in the organization like late shipments, wrong invoices, missed meetings, etc.

  • Everyone seems to be working more hours, spinning wheels, or spending too much time fixing things that should have been done right the first time.

  • Most important, the business is generating less than average industry profitability and you as owner not able to draw market compensation.

Tools include Who, What, When (WWW), and Rockefeller Habits Checklist.





Do you have consistent sources of cash to fuel the growth of your business?

Growth sucks cash. Nothing ages a leader, or his team, faster than being short of cash.

Many leaders pay too much attention to revenue than they do cash.

Tools we use include the Cash Conversion Cycle analysis, the Power of One and Cash Acceleration Strategies (CASh).


3 Steps to Get Started

Step 1

Request a Meeting

The introductory meeting is designed to understand and get clarity over your unique concerns, passion, goals, and dreams.

Step 2

Strategic Assessment

The Strategic Assessment helps you get crystal clear on your priorities and a plan of action to accomplish your goals.

Step 3

Implementation & Execution

Our coaches help to align you & your team with company priorities and develop rhythms, including monitoring of the Plan, to keep you and your team accountable and moving forward to your goals.

Professional Highlights

We are CPAs who also happen to be business coaches. And while we cut our teeth on taxes and accounting, our passion is bringing the full breadth of our resources, including Scaling Up Tools and Rockefeller Habits, for your benefit. We offer the best of a CPA firm, Tax Idea Generation, Leadership Coaching, and the support you need to reach your potential. Everyone has needs: Need more clarity over your business? Need help setting priorities and direction? Need more control to achieve reliable results? Need a strategy to pay less tax? Need to lead a purposeful life? Make business success a choice, not a chance.

Personal Highlights

We really enjoy giving of our coaching talents and tools to our community of non-profits. We have volunteered with churches, homeless shelters, our local Chambers of Commerce, and veteran's starting new businesses through the Veterans Fast Launch program. There is no doubt, we get so much more back than anything we ever give to these organizations.