Business Monitoring

You do not like surprises - particularly cash flow surprises. Business monitoring services help to reduce those cash flow surprises by knowing your numbers, and being able to timely act upon them. Drive your business with a dashboard through the windshield, not through the rear view mirror.


1. Good Numbers

You cannot effectively manage without the right numbers. Good numbers will help you make good decisions.

Monthly, one of our team scans your accounting system behind your bookkeeper (or you) looking for errors or better ways.

We’ve got your back.


2. The Right Metrics

Measure the right things. Review the key data and know if you are on target.

A summarized scorecard or dashboard of the most critical numbers will let you know if you are on track.

Think key performance indicators (KPIs) and leading indicators.

Ask us about contra-KPIs!


3. Remove Tax Surprises

A growing business eats cash for breakfast.

More profit raises taxes and cash needs.

The term “estimated tax payments” is a contradiction - it’s really just paying at the level of year’s taxes - and has nothing to do with a true estimate.

You have a solution to the “tax gap”.