What Makes Us Different

You know something is wrong.

If you are like many of our clients, you are successful in so many ways.

But something is missing. Something is in the way. You are not getting what you need, and you are frustrated.

We’ve been there too.

We understand. The traditional CPA model is broken. Simply pushing paper back and forth may work for some, but not you.

You want ideas to reduce your taxes (tax strategy not just tax preparation). You want ideas to a better business (solid business advice and execution, not just accounting). You want a relationship (someone who will regularly tell you what it all means). You want communication (regular, scheduled, proactive not just waiting for a call). You want a different approach. You want someone to help watch your back (and monitor what is going on). You want a partner to help chart a successful life both at work and outside of work. And you want to get rid of surprises.

An offer you cannot refuse.

If you are like most of our clients, you want ideas to save taxes, and you want to know the opportunities to make your business better. Our signature Tax Strategy and business Strategic Assessment services answer that call and carry our risk-free guarantee. If you do not get 2X in value, pay what you think it’s worth. And that makes sense. The risk is on us to produce value for you. As it should be.

Real life issues are not just tax preparation.

There is more.

Within a recent 30 day period, members of HMK:

· Started coaching a veterinary practice through the maze of marketing channels to find their “core” channel to grow the practice and net profits.

· Taught a session on how to get better prices by designing an improved value proposition to a group of 12 women business owners.

· Began working with an adult day care service on improving their labor efficiency ratios for increase profitability.

· Met with a unique law practice about developing their value proposition and a new online subscription business model.

· Worked with management and their attorney to merge seven different corporations into a single entity (to achieve efficiency, ease management and operational headaches) while implementing active management systems, metrics tracking, and team training.

· Implemented the accounting and tax monitoring system for the US operations of a German jewelry manufacturer with 24/7 online access across time zones.

· Consulted with the buyer of a funeral home to negotiate a purchase price allocation with favorable tax attributes followed by designing the accounting and payroll systems.

· Implemented a cloud-based accounting and tax monitoring systems, and began training owner’s wife on the recording of transactions for an interstate trucking company.

· Completed a cloud-based expense and credit card management system tied to accounting for a management consulting firm operating in 15 states, followed by filing their annual US and multi-state income tax returns.

· Assisted a company with structuring to allow two key employees to buy-in through a tax efficient plan allowing for a potential future sale.

· While working with a client selling his business, identified additional value and help negotiate an additional $100,000 in sales price.

· Worked with a local medical family practitioner to implement nine liability protection entities including partnerships, LLCs, trusts and a corporation across multiple states, as well as, set up the accounting and tax monitoring systems.

And, all of this was going on while heading into the last three weeks of tax season.