Business Tax Strategy, Planning, and Preparation

Minimize Income Tax Burdens. Avoid Surprises. Know Your Tax Obligations.

Do you want fresh ideas to save on taxes, not just tax preparation?

 Do you want someone to call you periodically, to check in on taxes, not just tell you what you owe at the filing deadline?

Do you want someone to monitor your tax situation, so you know your obligations and cash flow, as you go?

 Are you tired of last minute surprises?

 We have a new approach to taxes. It begins with Tax Strategy, continues with Tax Planning, and rolls into Tax Preparation.

We've got your back.

If you are like most of the new clients approaching us, no one has ever explained the difference between tax strategy, tax planning and tax preparation. As some CPAs strive to compete with the demand for lower prices, they tend to drop out higher value services, including strategy and planning. And, often, you are hurt as a result.

Tax Strategy

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An intensive assessment where we meet with you to review current tax positions, business entity structuring, tax elections, review of our proprietary checklist of opportunities to minimize tax obligations, and to formulate a tax plan under current federal and state tax laws.

Tax Planning

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A periodic review of your tax plan. We track the progress of estimated income tax projections as compared with payments of quarterly income tax obligations. We have discussions on current business activities and effects on the tax plan. The goal is to avoid tax surprises.

Tax Preparation

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A compliance service to prepare the necessary federal and state income tax returns in a timely, thoughtful and communicated process. No last minute rushes. No scrambling for information.