Better than QuickBooks Online: The accounting software beauty that is Xero

When it comes to accounting software for your growing business (or even multiple businesses), Intuit has a real stronghold on the brand.  We mention online accounting to business owners and they immediately think “Quickbooks”.  

But in our experience, and that of our clients, there’s a system out there that you’ll like even more, and it’s called Xero.  

In some ways, both of these software programs do the same thing.  

You can record and track your finances and keep everything online and in the cloud.  It’s all done and updated in real time. The pricing is roughly the same.  (Quickbooks Online has a 50% offer going on right now, which interestingly makes it about a dollar less per month than Xero.)  

But the more we talk to our clients, the more we discover that even when they are ‘perfectly happy’ using Quickbooks, when we show them Xero, things change. 

If you don’t have time to read this whole post, consider this: 

It’s simpler and easier to use. 

Built in the cloud, for the cloud users

Xero has been built “in the cloud” – there was never, in existence, a desktop software for Xero. No CD’s, no hard disks, no instruction booklets, nothing coming to you in a box. 

So it’s not a software that is trying to change itself: an old vehicle that has had a new engine placed inside.  Sure, the car might run pretty well with that new engine, but there are some things it will just never do. 

As a young business owner, having all your systems in the cloud is not only a must, it’s a no-brainer. It’s the kind of decision that is in the category of something like “having a cell phone” or “driving a car”.  You’ve always had a phone, and you want the smartest, latest, most updated one possible.  You got your permit at 15, your license at 16, and that was just what you did. 

Accounting that business owners actually like

Xero was built as software for business owners, not accountants. There are accounting systems that your accountant thinks are wonderful, but you open it up and don’t have a clue where to begin or what some of the terminology means.  Not so Xero.  Everything is labelled in a way that makes sense to the business owner, and recognizes two things:

  1. You don’t have time to learn all the ins and outs of accounting, and 
  2. ..that’s not the best use of your time, even if you did. 

The kind of feedback we get about Xero runs along the lines of “My bookkeeping was actually fun” and “I couldn’t wait to open the app to send an invoice”. 

xero unicorn

Xero makes your business and life better. 

We’ve put together a presentation on 10 ways that Xero makes your business and life better.  These include:

  1. You can get paid by your customers faster
  2. No more paper needed! Just your phone and the cloud
  3. Integrated files and data with your accountant (that’s us!)
  4. Bank reconciliation that doesn’t waste your life
  5. ….and five more!

Download it now: 

HM Xero 10 ways

Xero looks better – inside and out

Don’t judge a book by its cover…no, wait. When it comes to Xero, definitely judge it by the cover. It’s a beautiful one, and it gets better inside.

Xero has been built to be easy to use – and although it has all the complexity and the elements that will ensure you are running a high quality business with all the reporting, tracking, and data that you need, it’s also just a beautiful system. 

There is somewhat of a mindset change you may need. If you’re not used to doing business in the cloud, without a piece of paper in sight, and everything integrated with your smartphone, then there may be some new ground to cover.  But as soon as you start using it, you’ll wonder where it’s been all your (business) life. 

And if you’re already on board with all that – the cloud, the phone, the instant-access, the app – then this is your dream come true.  Your accounting dream.  The one you thought was a nightmare – it’s not.  

It’s beautiful accounting software, and we look forward to sharing it with you. 

Download 10 ways Xero makes your business and life better