Tips for Increasing Your Online Sales

Regardless of how skilled you may be at drawing clients to your website or into your store or office, the real test is how often a browser is being converted into a committed buyer. 

One of the biggest mistakes that business owners make is to poorly allocate their marketing funds. They often use their entire marketing spend on client attraction techniques leaving very little in reserve for the actual conversion.

Web optimization should include a dose of what is referred to in traditional advertising circles as “A/B” testing. The idea is that you make subtle changes to your website, one at a time, running it alongside your original. You show different versions to different visitors and monitor the results.  Google Analytics will do all the difficult analysis for you.

Small details on your website may improve your conversion rates. Here are some suggestions that are backed by research:

• Voucher Code boxes can reduce conversions because it alienates clients who feel jilted that they are not receiving a deal.

• Website credibility can be improved with photos of your locations.

• Consider including third-party client evaluations as they appear more genuine and therefore carry more weight in the eyes of potential clients.

Client conversion needs to be monitored over the longer term in order to be effective. Offering instant deals and discounts can provide a surge in conversions but these attract mostly short-term clients that offer little to your long term success.

Remember, the average time spent by an internet user on a single web page is about 8 seconds - before they move on. This meagre window must be respected and well utilized in order to maximize the chances of conversion.  Here are a few things you can do:

  • Presentation is always important, but even more so online. Along with presentation, navigation design must be carefully considered. Try to stay under the ‘three clicks’ rule creating a site that is user-friendly and client savvy.
  • Perform regular upkeep and create seasonal looks for your site. Your website is a window to your brand. A staid site implies that your business, and your products and service, are not moving with the times.
  • Make changes that reflect your brand image and always include a clickable company logo, clear contact details and an easy navigation to your home page.

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