Overcoming Obstacles

Obstacles-they are unavoidable and at times seem never ending.  Piling up and suffocating businesses before they have a chance to breathe. But overcoming obstacles builds company culture, breeds character and ultimately separates the fleeting from the robust.

Problems will be a regular part of life for any company; it is how you choose to handle the problems that will define your future.

Many companies choose to keep problems within the higher echelons of the business, even when the business is very small. It pays to be open and honest when approaching a problem. Sweeping it under the rug will simply allow it time to grow. Open the issue up to team members at all levels to debate the issues so they can come up with workable solutions.

It may sound hokey to some, but creating an atmosphere of positive thinking can have a huge impact on how your team handles obstacles. Donald Trump lives by the mantra “Never Give Up”. For those of us not yet millionaires, a more realistic mantra might be “Keep Trying Regardless”. Incorporate this into your company’s culture.  “Be a business of ‘yes’ people, encouraging and innovating at all levels.”  Use obstacles as training tools- always search for the lesson to be learned.  Flip obstacles into inspirations, offering positive feedback that can be used to improve operations.

The benefit to being a smaller business is the ability to address issues quickly.  Take advantage of this and work through problems before they have the opportunity to impact on a larger level. Approach problems with baby steps; breaking them down into accessible and manageable pieces. Delegate the pieces among your team to form a creative and multifaceted solution.

Employ the strategy of responding by managing rather than instinctively reacting. Often an impulsive, knee-jerk reaction can have undesired results. The best response calls for careful consideration of the options and an examination of the origins of the problem. When a problem is ‘dug up by the roots’, it is less likely to occur again.

Flexibility and long-term vision are imperative in successfully overcoming obstacles.