"Heart Hero" shows off his scar

Colt showing his scar

Allow me to introduce you to Colt Moss.  Colt is a very special little boy.

Colt is my grandson (which is special to me), but he is special in a very different way.  Here's why.

Before Colt was born, an astute Greenville ultrasound technician saw something different with Colt's heart.  This discovery may well have saved his life at birth.  You see, Colt was born with the left side of his heart being underdeveloped - both outlets coming from the right side of his heart - a congenital heart defect called double outlet right ventricle.

After a successful series of three surgeries at Duke, we are blessed with a healthy 3 year old.  But the result could have been quite different had the ultrasound tech not been so aware of heart defects.

Join Colt and other Heart Heroes in observing Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week:  February 7th through 11th.