CCH 2013 Fiscal Cliff Estimator

The 'fiscal cliff' topic is one that we're all hearing so much about right now, but the upcoming tax changes could potentially affect you in a massive way - your taxable income, capital gains, and overall tax liability.

One of the tax resources we have available is the CCH 2013 Fiscal Cliff Estimator.

It's a quick online estimation you can take to understand how some of the potential changes may affect your tax liabilities. 

There are several 2013 tax proposals on the table and this estimator will provide key facts about each proposal including:

  • Full Extension of Bush-Era Tax Cuts (Republican Plan)
  • Presidential and Senate Democratic Proposal
  • Expiration of the Bush-Era Tax Cuts (If Congress Does Not Act)

(Please note that this is not an official tax estimation guide - it's simply to give you an idea of some of the upcoming changes.  If you use the estimator and want to chat to us about it, please get in touch with Steve Moss or one of the team.)

Click the green button below to view the online estimator.

CCH 2013 fiscal cliff estimator