Building a business website that helps you generate leads

The world has changed in a huge way when it comes to how people search for products and services.  Thanks to smartphones, increased broadband speeds, social media, and the constant availability of the internet, people are looking in multiple places for what they need….and it all centers around your online presence.

And if your website isn’t up to scratch, you could be missing out in a MASSIVE way on more profits. 

There are a few things you can do right away to help improve your website, but one of the things you’ll want to consider is whether you need an update, or a complete rehaul.  Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

-       Is your website essentially an online brochure?  (Name, services description, a few images, contact information) 

-       Are your calls to action either difficult, or few and far between?  (Difficult meaning someone has to fill in a form with a message, as opposed to clicking a button and entering their email address, or just downloading something)

-       Have your images not been updated for a few years?

-       Has the text and wording on your site been the same since you launched it?

If two or more of the above are true, it’s likely you need a rehaul, not just an update.

In the meantime, here are some quick actions that will help you improve your site and get found on search engines:

  1. Create clear calls to action within your site.  If you mention a product and it’s available online, direct them to purchase it.  If you mention a particular service, direct visitors to download a free report.  Don’t make every call to action the same, and make them low-effort and with very little information required (name and email address, or name and phone).
  2. Make sure you have a blog that is integrated with your site (not an external link, like Blogger or a separate Wordpress site).
  3. Write at least one blog post per week, using keywords that relate to your products and services, local area, and industries you work with
  4. Set up social media accounts – start with the ‘big ones’, ie Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and Linked In.  Make sure you set up a business page, not a personal page.  (It’s very likely you’ll want to get expert help with these.)
  5. Add social network buttons to your home page, and make them accessible from anywhere on your site.  Add social sharing to all blog posts.
  6. For professional services, include an option to request a proposal or quote.  So many businesses don’t do this, and this is what many people are looking for.
  7. Add an e-shop if you sell products. 

Holden Moss accountants north carolina take diagnostic orangeThere are many other things you can do, but most of these you should be able to do fairly easily.  If you need an update, or indeed a full rehaul, join our upcoming webinar on Websites That Wow, or complete our Online Marketing Diagnostic here.  It’ll get you started!

About a year ago, we went through the process of getting a new site built because our old website was dangerously out of date.  You can see the result before you now!