5 reasons why a 'recovering accountant' is great for your business

We are recovering accountants.

There, I said it.

We're proud to say that we don't fit the stereotype you might have of fussy, unhelpful, number-obsessed people in the accountancy industry. We very definitely are NOT like Rick Moranis's Louis Tully character in 'Ghostbusters', you can be sure of that.

Why are we telling you this? Well, we want you to know what we're NOT... so that you can better understand who we truly are. We want to break out of the mentality of what accountants are known to do.

Holden Moss Accountants CPA - Recover Image

And we'd like to show you where, as business advisers, we can be the driving force behind your business.

So, here goes!

1. We're not a negative influence (we're a positive force on your business)

Accountants used to be the professional adviser you dreaded meeting. They were the ones who told you that there wasn't enough money in the pot for that next marketing campaign, or setting up that new branch, or putting your growth plan into action.

The general feeling was that accountants had a negative, and even destructive, impact for you and for your business.

Not us. We don't tell you what you CAN'T do. We tell you what you CAN do - and we give you financial and business strategies to make sure your key aims for growth happen.

2. We're not all about the paperwork (we work in the cloud)

Filling out endless forms, sorting through piles of old receipts and hunting for letters from the IRS seemed to be a requirement of working with an old-school accountant.

Not with us. There's no more 'tossing papers back and forth'. We're not about paper; we're a cloud-based, digital practice. And we're not about throwing papers around in an endless cycle.

We use Xero's cloud accounting software to pull all your numbers, files and data into the one place. With this one solution, we can banish papers from your life. Forever.

And with Xero we give you a mobile, cloud-based way to view and keep on top of your cash flow, performance and profits.

3. We don't hide behind the numbers (we're about 1-2-1 advice and coaching)

Your business numbers are important. But accountants are prone to hiding behind these numbers or talking to you purely through impersonal emails.

Not us. We don't hide behind a dull email. We meet regularly, face-to-face, with our clients.

We get to know your business, find the challenges or obstacles and coach you through them.

We help you understand more about your own business, so you can grow and prosper. And we use Xero's amazing cloud accounting software to make your life easier.

4. We don't just provide financial statements (we give you meaningful insights)

Like we said, your numbers are important (they're the best indicator of the health of the business, after all). But some accountants tend to deliver the financial statements and leave you, the business owner, to guess what those numbers mean.

Not with us. We'll give you regular financial statement and updates on your numbers. But we'll also explain what they mean, how they'll impact the business and how you're performing against your objectives.

5. We're not just interested in the fee (we love ambitious businesses)

With the old breed of accountant, you sometimes got the feeling that they weren't interested in your business at all - all they wanted was your books and your fee.

Not us. We love fast-growing businesses that have a big dose of ambition behind them. We take a personal, long-term view of the success of your company. And we like businesses that want to scale up and be awesome (we'll even help you score yourself to see how awesome you are).

We're not accountants, we're your trusted business adviser

As you can see, we're not the kind of accountant you used to know. We might be 'recovering accountants' but every day we get closer to being the perfect business adviser - one client at a time.

And you can help us recover by working with us, finding out the difference we can make to your business and adding your valued custom to our growing list of happy, fast-growing clients.

We'd love to work with you and show you just how positive the impact of great business advice can be.

You can find out more about how we can help you grow on this awesome page of our website.