Walking the Talk - Tom Peters

While at the recent ScalingUp Summit in New Orleans, I rushed from my room looking forward to the first speaker.  Hopped  on the elevator, and had forgotten my badge.  So, back up the elevator to my room to grab the badge.  Exited on the 25th floor, as a gentleman was walking to the elevator.  Ran to the room, grabbed the badge, and back at the elevator.  The gentleman was still there... commiserating about how slow the elevators were. Hold that thought.

Arrived at the conference room in time to hear Tom Peters.  What a marvelous character!  His message was simple - keep it simple.  It's the little things that make a difference, not the big stuff.  Talk to people, and just listen.  They have a lot to say.  And hire and use women in leadership.  They do a better job than we men.

After his talk, I ran up to him and Mr. Peters said Hi Steve, I remember you from the elevator ride down.  And I told Mr. Peters how impressed that I was able to experience, first hand, his walking the talk. 

While we were waiting for the elevator, I commented that I was going to the same conference and very much looking forward to his wisdom.  He laughed and asked where I was from.  Commented that we were losing the Southern accent (which at one time I thought was a curse).  Talked about Raleigh a bit.  Then we hopped on the elevator.  It was like he had hopped on with friends.  He commented on the colorful sandals, asked how others were doing, all from floor 25 to 3.

A remarkable man, with a remarkable message:  it is indeed the little things that matter.  People want the be heard.  Tom Peters walks the talk.