Holden Moss CPA's North Carolina accounting for veterinariansAt Holden Moss CPA’s of North Carolina, one of our industry focus areas is in the practice of veterinary medicine.  For many years we have provided tax, accounting, bookkeeping, payroll and consulting services to veterinarians, and we recognize that it’s a unique industry with its own challenges and concerns.

One of the most important things you can do is ensure that the reports you get on your vet clinic or office are timely and accurate.  But you don’t have time to do the bookkeeping, analysis, and reporting yourself – that’s what we’re here for.  We can deliver your financial statements annually, or work with you on a more regular basis to help you understand what the numbers mean, and react to any issues quickly and efficiently. Because we understand the specific needs of the veterinary medical practice, we are able to develop a highly-structured, individualized plan that will soon have your practice measuring up to—and exceeding—the most exacting industry benchmarks.

Specific Challenges in the Veterinary Industry

One of the investments that Holden Moss makes on your behalf is the industry research intelligence we receive from First Research.  First Research is the leading provider of industry intelligence tools that help you better manage your business with up-to-date industry information, including veterinarians.

Make Better Business Decisions With Critical Industry Information Today!

download now button orangeDownload your free 3-page industry guide for the veterinary industry now!  This is a quick summary of industry opportunities, forecasts, and trends.
There are further comprehensive, detailed reports available that include:
  • Business Trends
  • Financial Information (including detailed Income Statement & Balance Sheet averages)
  • Industry Websites
  • Economic Statistics
  • Executive Insight

The free guides we provide cover a very large industry range, but there are more specific guides available.  We can also customize your report for your region (and industry guides for Canada are available, as well). To request a more detailed report, or a more specific industry classification, just ask.

How We Help

Because we’re not just about doing ‘the basics’ when it comes to accounting for veterinary offices (or for any of our clients), if you need help in any of the following areas, we can talk these through with you:

  • Organizational structure
  • Customized financial statements
  • Workflow
  • Staff training
  • Internal controls
  • Compliance
  • Practice valuations
  • Compensation planning
  • Consultation on practice sale or acquisition

If you’re just starting a new veterinary practice, or you are expanding your current office or considering this, we can help direct you in determining which business structure fits best and ensures tax minimization for your veterinary practice.  We can also help with developing a simple one-page strategic plan, working with your team, choosing the software or online solutions that work best for veterinary medicine, and more.

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