The Work We Do

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”.
-Albert Einstein


While our background as North Carolina CPAs enables us to provide traditional tax and accounting services like other firms, years ago we realized many clients wanted help in running their businesses, not just accounting and tax preparation.  They wanted more ideas, problem-solving, and strategy. In response, we re-educated ourselves.  We joined networks, registered for specialist libraries, invested in proprietary software, and made sure we were at the top of our game.  And it wasn’t a one-time deal, either.  We are constantly on the lookout for resources that will help us help you run your business (or businesses) to the absolute best of your – and our- ability.  


Blended into the fabric of the normal tax and accounting services at Holden Moss, these tools enable you to focus on your business in a very different way.  That way may not be right for everyone, but for those whom it is, we can make a meaningful difference.


Whether you face new business start-up decisions like incorporation, LLC, partnership or are in transition to buy, sell, retire, or simply want to increase profit, Holden Moss offers a very different approach from other CPAs.  We use diagnostic tools (like this Profit Improvement Review) so you can cut through the questions and discover exactly where to start.   We have business planning and monitoring software that we invest in on your behalf so you can develop action items and get the coaching to make sure it’s not just a plan, but a process.  


Our services for business and individual tax, tax preparation, representation before IRS and states, and tax planning are also quite different.  Holden Moss is a subscribing member of a tax network of firms formed by RSM McGladrey, the fifth largest accounting firm in the US. Our clients have access to the very proprietary and specialized tax tools available only to member CPA firms, resulting in unique tax strategy, tax planning and tax preparation services not ordinarily available from a local CPA firm.  Our Tax Diagnostic uses individual tax information to analyze every aspect of your tax return to identify customized tax planning ideas and tax strategy.


Many accounting firms simply do accounting and tax preparation; however, a business is very complex.  And accounting and tax is just one part of a business.  You need a CPA who knows the other parts of your business.  We work with our clients on all aspects utilizing resources typically available only to much larger businesses.  We work on profitability, pricing, vision, strategy, structure, culture, competition, products, services, marketing, people, technology, and finance in addition to the traditional tax and accounting.  And we do it every day, blending our very unique business and tax consulting methodologies into our services. 


We feel it is important that you meet your CPA, face to face, to make sure we are right for you and vice versa and without any fee pressure.  No charge.  If you’d like to meet, just let us know.  Or look through our extensive resources to get some practical help to start.  We’re here to help. 

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