The Clock

The Holden Moss clock is a three dial, side wall clock that was made by the O. B. McClintock Company of Minneapolis, MN.  O.B. McClintock was in business from 1908 to 1950.  They specialized in clocks for banks and other financial institutions.  These clocks were hung on the sides or corners of buildings for advertising purposes.  McClintock would also pair these clocks with chimes, vault alarm systems and very ornate interior clocks for its bank clients.  


Our grand clock was built during the 1920’s and shipped to Utica, New York where it hung on the side of a multi story bank building.  It is entirely clad in solid copper.  The original movements were made by Seth Thomas, but were replaced in the 1940s with movements made by Electric Time Company. 


During 1999 we were renovating the Holden Moss building on Dabney Drive.  At that time Crawford Knott asked Steve Moss to research a unique, architectural element for the renovation, and voila – Steve came upon the McClintock Clock.  Steve bought the clock on an eBay auction in 1999 (his first eBay purchase).  The clock was crated and shipped from NY to Holden Moss, where it was mounted on our building on Dabney Drive in March 2000.


The clock happily resided on Dabney Drive but for a short time.  On May 22, 2001, one of the sixty year old movements overheated causing the clock dials to burn.  Thankfully, our insurance agent, Tommy Frazier with Wester Insurance, had more than adequately insured the clock for restoration.  Thanks to Irv Gupton who took on this project with his usual vigor, and rebuilt the copper cladding (that had melted) and installed the new movements and back lighting.   Special thanks to Tommy Frazier, Irv Gupton, Tommy Robertson, and Tommy Breedlove.  It was quite a job and they did fantastic work. 


The fire allowed us to go back to Electric Time Company, still in business for more than a century, and upgrade the clock movements to a microprocessor-based master clock that provides completely automatic control of the three 24 volt DC movements with a GPS interface for the ultimate in time keeping accuracy.  Electric Time also kept the templates for the original McClintock clock dials, which were also replaced, this time with leaded glass dials which will not burn should one of the movements overheat.


This majestic old clock began its life on a bank building.  It is fitting that our offices on Chestnut Street are a former bank building.  Our McClintock clock, one of approximately 50 still in existence, will once again tick on bank property.

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