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Could Cloud-Based Software Make Your Business Better? Absolutely!

Cloud-based software offerings are changing the business landscape.  Could Cloud-Based Software Make Your Business Better?  Absolutely!  How?  Read on. The Problem:  One of our clients has a growing service business offering an ever-changing variety of products along with their services.  Their existing accounting system consisted of appointment books, receipt books,...
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Business Financial Statements… Yawn. Key Performance Indicators… Wake Up!

Financial statements can be boring.  Yes I,  the accountant, admit that financial statements are boring.  And financial statements can be worth less than the paper on which they are printed if you don’t understand what you are reading or if they are inaccurate.  But, financial statements are a necessity.  We...
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Little known, often overlooked, IRS “Audit Techniques Guides”

The IRS issues Audit Technique Guides to its examiners to provide the auditors with information about your industry and potential issues on our tax return which can raise questions.  These guides are the equivalent of a “Cliff’s Notes” summary of your industry.   These guides are also useful to CPAs...
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