Professional Athletes

Holden Moss North Carolina CPAs accounting professional athletesAs a professional athlete, you wouldn’t even consider taking on the game without a coach.  And you’d make sure that coach was someone who knew the game that you love, and won’t hold you back as you strive for greatness every day.

Holden Moss Certified Public Accountants take on the role of accountant and business coach for our professional athlete clients – and we’ve got the experience and history to back it up.  We understand your specialized tax and financial planning needs – and we’ll work with you and your agent to conduct monthly accounting compilations, assist you with tax minimization strategies, and ensure that you have a financial plan custom-built for you, so that you can provide for your own and your family’s future. And our CPAs have extensive multi-state tax expertise for athletes who file multiple returns because of their travel.

Specific Challenges in the Athletic Industry

One of the investments that Holden Moss makes on your behalf is the industry research intelligence we receive from First Research.  First Research is the leading provider of industry intelligence tools that help you better manage your business with up-to-date industry information, including the professional athletic industry.

Make Better Decisions With Critical Industry Information Today!

Download your free 5-page industry guide for professional sports teams and organisations now!  This is a quick summary of industry opportunities, forecasts, and trends.
There are further comprehensive, detailed reports available that include:download now button orange
  • Business Trends
  • Financial Information
  • Industry Websites
  • Economic Statistics
  • Executive Insight

The free guides we provide cover a very large industry range, but there are more specific guides available.  We can also customize your report for your region (and industry guides for Canada are available, as well). To request a more detailed report, or a more specific industry classification, just ask.

How We Help

Our services for pro athletes include:

  • State Tax Nexus (Residency) Strategies
  • International Tax Minimization Strategies
  • Multi-State Income Tax Minimization Strategies
  • Duty Day Strategies
  • Comprehensive Personal Financial Retirement Planning
  • Tax Efficient Investment Strategies
  • Athlete Specific Deduction Strategies
  • Charitable Contribution Strategies
  • Mortgage Interest Deduction Strategies
  • Bill Pay Services
  • Internal Revenue Service Problem Resolution
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