Management Advisory

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”. 
-Albert Einstein


Consulting/Management Advisory

Our management advisory services cover a variety of areas that are critical to you, your business, and your family – from succession planning to buying or selling a business.  

Succession Planning

Effective coordination of the transition of your business to your successors is critical to ensure its continued success once you decide to remove yourself from the company’s day to day operations. With a solid background in tax and other financial matters, we are fully qualified to address the complex issues of business continuation and can assist you in developing a strategically sound plan.

Buying & Selling a Business

Structuring the purchase or sale of a business properly is a critical step in the process of buying or selling a business. Our competent staff has experience to guide you through the acquisition/disposition process by addressing such issues as cash flow analysis and tax considerations.


Business Coaching

We can help you achieve both your business and your personal goals.

We have a business coaching system that can make a significant difference in the profitability and value of your business.  We can assist you by taking an advisory role in helping you jump-start your business growth and focus on value creation.

The RAN ONE business coaching system is a turnkey process that starts with personal goal setting and moves through developing the business strategy, monitoring & reporting, performance improvement, and team building.

Our starting point is aligning your business objectives with your personal objectives.  We then go through a discovery process:

  1. your personal finances
  2. you and your business
  3. your quality of life

The benefits include:

  • Improving your work/life balance
  • Helping you get more out of the business
  • Reducing your personal stress
  • Building a strong business team
  • Improving your business efficiency

Financial Training

Effective Financial Management begins with training from Holden Moss North Carolina CPAs.

There was no one around to teach you accounting and business management when you started your business.  You did it from the seat of your pants.  Now, you can round out the knowledge you learned on the street with our Effective Financial Management initiative – a workshop series dedicated and designed specifically for your needs to hone your business skills.  What do I need to manage? What is finance?  How do I read financial statements?

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