Gazelles Coaching For Your Fast-Growing Business

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Our focus is helping fast-growing businesses to scale up and grow.

An integral part of this is our hands-on business coaching.

We’re certified Gazelles coaches and base our training on the 4 elements of the Gazelles approach to business growth.

Why does it matter that we’re Gazelle certified?

Use Only Gazelles Certified Business Growth Coaches

‘Business coaching’ is a fairly vague term that can cover anything from a chat with a friend to an in-depth strategic session with an experienced business consultant.

To help ensure that your coaching is based on a proven process, we’ve invested in Gazelles on your behalf. Why it matters that we’re Gazelle certified.

The 4 Essential Elements

  • 1. People

Setting up the right team is a vital part of preparing your business for growth. We’ll give you guidance on the roles your business will need, the skills that are important to growth and ways to engage and motivate your people for success. With our free chart, you can make individual team members accountable for each of your most important business processes, define the relevant KPIs and provide clear goals to help with motivation.

Download this free chart to help with delegating to your people.

  • 2. Strategy

Having the right strategic plan in place gives you a solid route plan for growth. Our coaches have years of commercial and business experience. So we can help you formulate a strategy that’s tailored to your market, your industry and your business model.

Download these free strategic tools.

  • 3. Execution

A great strategy can only work if you execute it well. We’ll work with you to create a comprehensive business plan, pin down your business goals and agree a clear timeline for delivering on these objectives.

Find out more about the importance of good execution.

  • 4. Cash

Cash is the rocket fuel that gets your business off the ground and shooting for the stars. Our coaches can help you agree on a financial plan that delivers this cash and will advise you on the right places to look for funding – whether it’s a bank loan, private investment or crowd-funding.

Get our free Cash Conversion Map.


A Personal Approach To Coaching

Good business coaching is about having a personal approach.

By working with us, you’ll get a true partnership and a real sense of collaboration.

You’ll get:

  • Regular face-to-face coaching sessions
  • Tailored training that’s aimed at increasing your business skill set
  • Guidance and advice that prepares you for growth
  • Tips on how to give your business the competitive edge
  • A long-term plan for the future of your business

We love helping businesses evolve and grow. And our core aim is always to help you push that ignition button and set your business rocket off into orbit.

Based on the Verne Harnish books:

Rockefeller Habits by Verne Harnish

Image and link to Verne Harnish Book details

The original treatise on practical tools and techniques for building an industry-dominating business. This has been updated in his next book, Scaling Up.

Scaling Up by Verne Harnish

Image and link to Verne Harnish 'Scaling Up' Book details

How a few good companies make it – and the rest don’t. This is the ‘2.0’ version of the Rockefeller Habits, taking disruptive innovation to the next level.

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