FAQ…What are miscellaneous itemized deductions?

Miscellaneous itemized deductions are certain nonbusiness expenses that individuals as taxpayers who otherwise itemize deductions may take against their taxable income. Such miscellaneous expenses are allowed only to the extent that they exceed 2-percent of a taxpayer’s adjusted gross income. Miscellaneous itemized deductions may also be limited by the overall itemized deduction phase-out.

These expenses include employee business expenses, expenses of producing income, expenses related to filing tax returns and certain hobby expenses. Specifically, the miscellaneous itemized deductions available to a taxpayer are:

• Professional society dues;
• Employment-related educational expenses;
• Home office expenses;
• Professional books, magazines and journals;
• Work clothes and uniforms;
• Union dues and fees
• A portion of unreimbursed business-related meal and entertainment expenses;
• Other unreimbursed employee business expenses;
• Employee expenses for which reimbursements are included in income;
• Rental of a safe-deposit box;
• Expenses incurred for tax counsel and assistance;
• Costs of work-related small tools and supplies;
• Investment expenses;
• Fees paid to an IRA custodian; and
• Certain expenses of a partnership, grantor trust or S corporation that are incurred for the production of income.

Additionally, there are some miscellaneous expenses that are not subject to the 2-percent of adjusted gross income limitation. These include:

• Bond premium amortization for taxable bonds;
• Gambling losses for the year up to the extent of gambling winnings;
• Casualty and theft losses associated with income-producing assets; and
• Federal estate tax on income in respect of a decedent.

There are many miscellaneous deductions and a number of very specific rules that may apply to any one. Please contact this office if you have questions about claiming the miscellaneous deductions and how they will affect your tax picture.

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