Holden Moss CPAs North Carolina accounting construction industryWorking as a contractor, home builder, or in another related trade within the construction industry, you’ll know how challenging it is in this area.  The current economic downturn has affected every type of business, but specifically and massively reached the construction industry.  Having a North Carolina CPA firm that understands this industry and the challenges of construction accounting and financial management will be important to you.
Holden Moss is a North Carolina CPA firm with offices from North Raleigh to Wake Forest, and we work with small contractors as well as home builders and electricians in the state of North Carolina – as well as throughout the United States. Our construction accounting clients include residential and commercial, as well as a variety of trades in the construction industry.


Specific Challenges in the Construction Industry

With all the changes in regulations and the challenges of a shaky economy, you might feel like there couldn’t be a worse time to be in the construction industry.  But recent industry reports indicate that things are beginning to look up for the construction industry.  There have been more new construction starts, higher construction spending over the past year, and several large construction companies such as Caterpillar have posted strong earnings reports – a good sign for smaller and mid-sized companies.


Make Better Decisions With Construction Industry Information Today!

One of the investments that Holden Moss makes on your behalf is the industry research intelligence we receive from First Research.  First Research is the leading provider of industry intelligence tools that help you better manage your business with up-to-date industry information, including the construction industry.
Download your free 3-5 page industry guide for the construction industry now!  This is a quick summary of industry opportunities, forecasts, and trends.
download now button orangeThere are further comprehensive, detailed reports available that include:
  • Business Trends
  • Financial Information (including detailed Income Statement & Balance Sheet averages)
  • Industry Websites
  • Economic Statistics
  • Executive Insight

The free guides we provide cover a very large industry range, but there are more specific guides available.  We can also customize your report for your region (and industry guides for Canada are available, as well). To request a more detailed report, or a more specific industry classification, just ask.

How We Help

Here are a few ways we can help you address your construction accounting needs:
  • Tax strategy – business, individual, and multi-state
  • Tax consulting
  • Job costing and setup
  • Equipment costing analysis
  • Debt restructuring
  • Overhead rate analysis
  • One page strategic plan

Working with the construction industry, we help all types of construction businesses including:

  • Commercial and residential construction
  • Plumbing, heating and air-conditioning contractors
  • Electrical work
  • Roofing and siding
  • Demolition and excavation
  • Plastering, drywall and painters
  • Floor laying, tile, and masonry
  • Carpentry and cabinet makers
  • Glass and lighting
  • Athletic and recreation construction
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