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Is your business failing to pay payroll taxes (or, “trust fund taxes”)?

As an employer, you are responsible for making sure that federal income and payroll taxes are withheld properly.  These are called trust fund taxes, which we’ll discuss shortly.  But what’s most important is that you are facing massive penalties if you don’t withhold these taxes properly – and many businesses...
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Business Financial Statements… Yawn. Key Performance Indicators… Wake Up!

Financial statements can be boring.  Yes I,  the accountant, admit that financial statements are boring.  And financial statements can be worth less than the paper on which they are printed if you don’t understand what you are reading or if they are inaccurate.  But, financial statements are a necessity.  We...
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Transition Planning With The Four D’s

Heart attack, auto accident, illness, a resignation, family dispute. Most of these unanticipated, but by no means unusual or uncommon events, fall under ‘The 4Ds’ – Death, Divorce, Disability or Departure. The occurrence of any one of them can instantly throw a business into disarray. Unpleasant though they are to...
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Overcoming Obstacles

Obstacles-they are unavoidable and at times seem never ending.  Piling up and suffocating businesses before they have a chance to breathe. But overcoming obstacles builds company culture, breeds character and ultimately separates the fleeting from the robust. Problems will be a regular part of life for any company; it is...
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