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IRS offers guidance on taxation of phased retirement payments

Phased retirement has become an increasingly popular trend lately. Along with its increased use, however, a number of questions have arisen. The IRS recently has issued guidance for determining the taxable portion of payments made to an employee during phased retirement. The guidance explains whether the payments are “received as...
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Business Financial Statements… Yawn. Key Performance Indicators… Wake Up!

Financial statements can be boring.  Yes I,  the accountant, admit that financial statements are boring.  And financial statements can be worth less than the paper on which they are printed if you don’t understand what you are reading or if they are inaccurate.  But, financial statements are a necessity.  We...
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Transition Planning With The Four D’s

Heart attack, auto accident, illness, a resignation, family dispute. Most of these unanticipated, but by no means unusual or uncommon events, fall under ‘The 4Ds’ – Death, Divorce, Disability or Departure. The occurrence of any one of them can instantly throw a business into disarray. Unpleasant though they are to...
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