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The Best Way To Increase Profits

If you’re like most business owners, increasing profits is a key goal for you. It may not be the only goal, but it’s one of the reasons you’re in business. Just making money isn’t enough – the work you do needs to be profitable or you’re running a charity!But are...
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Evaluating Your Internal Business Capabilities

Every business has internal elements that must be analyzed when you’re doing strategic planning.  You need to know how every area is operating now, so that you understand where you’re starting when you’re building your plan. There are two main categories of these internal elements.   Strategic (vision, strategy, structure)...
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Brainstorming Your Strategic Options

Strategic planning is a critical process for any business that intends to grow and increase profits. But it can be a big process that is overwhelming for you, when you’re already extremely busy. So we’ve put together a few steps that are easy enough to do, and can help you...
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Is your business failing to pay payroll taxes (or, “trust fund taxes”)?

As an employer, you are responsible for making sure that federal income and payroll taxes are withheld properly.  These are called trust fund taxes, which we’ll discuss shortly.  But what’s most important is that you are facing massive penalties if you don’t withhold these taxes properly – and many businesses...
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Could Cloud-Based Software Make Your Business Better? Absolutely!

Cloud-based software offerings are changing the business landscape.  Could Cloud-Based Software Make Your Business Better?  Absolutely!  How?  Read on. The Problem:  One of our clients has a growing service business offering an ever-changing variety of products along with their services.  Their existing accounting system consisted of appointment books, receipt books,...
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