Business Coaching

“Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be.”
– John Wooden


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If you’re like most business owners, when you went into business you had a vision of what you wanted to achieve – what you wanted out of the business.  Where are you now?

  • Have you realized that vision?
  • Is your personal income meeting your current financial needs?
  • How effectively can your employees run the business in your absence?
  • Are you comfortable that you have everything in place for when you are ready to transition out of the business?

You don’t need us to figure out where you want to be. That’s easy. The hard part is getting there. Your investment in the business might add up to 10, 15 or even 20 years of personal sacrifice and commitment. With the resources and tools we subscribe to (including the simple one-page strategic plan concept), we can help ensure your years of hard work will pay off.

The Discovery
Our approach combines strong financial management with soft human elements, taking into account your individual needs as the business owner and the development of your team.

This discovery process covers three important areas:

● Your Personal Finances – a review of your income, tax, risk management and retirement planning.
● You and Your Business – a review of your role in the business, the supporting team, readiness for sale and level of management information.
● Your Quality of Life – a review of your health, appetite to continue to drive the business, enjoyment, work/life
balance, outside interests and ‘life plan’.


Keeping Everything On Track

The value of any business strategy depends on its level of implementation. Monitoring & Reporting is at the heart of the RAN ONE Business Coaching System. It offers a combination of financial and non-financial information that we use to keep the business on strategy and if an issue does arise, take corrective action to get the business back on track.

Our commitment doesn’t end with the presentation of a report. We follow through and work with you to project-manage the process through actions, responsibilities and timelines for any initiatives identified during this phase of the process. And at all times, you – as the business owner – are actively involved in the process.

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