Awesome 8

Items critical for business owners to identify.

The right numbers to run your business are probably buried in those monthly financial statements or that accounting program you never really fully understood.  But which numbers are the right numbers?  How do you make sure you are making the right decisions?


Are you asking yourself these questions? (If not, you should be.)

  • I don’t have the time to study QuickBooks reports, financial statements, and all those other reports.
  • I just want concise numbers and get straight to the issues
  • (Oh, and I want to know which ones are the most important.)
  • What do I do with the financial statements?
  • How do I change to get results?
  • How do I maximize strategies to reduce my taxes?
  • When do I know it is the right time to buy equipment?
  • Where do I need to be with my business?
  • I need help making my business better.


Awesome 8 for Individuals


Take the ‘mystery’ out of running your business with tactics proved and implemented by over 40,000 business owners.

Are you simply running your business the best way you know how?  Awesome 8 helps you to become a better version of yourself – and your business to become the best version of itself.


Read more about each Awesome 8 element.

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