Monthly Archives: December 2014

Top 10 tax developments of 2014 with impact on 2015

2014 was a notable year for tax developments on a number of fronts. Selecting the “top ten” tax developments for 2014 necessarily requires judgment calls based upon uniqueness, taxpayers affected, and forward-looking impact on 2015 and beyond. The following “top ten” list of 2014 tax developments is such a prioritization....
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Are Your Prices Too Low

The setting of prices in your business is often an emotional, vague concept.  And one of the most common mistakes that business owners make is setting their prices too low. There are many reasons why you might set prices too low, or choose not to raise them periodically. Here are...
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December 2014 tax compliance calendar

As an individual or business, it is your responsibility to be aware of and to meet your tax filing/reporting deadlines. This calendar summarizes important tax reporting and filing data for individuals, businesses and other taxpayers for the month of December 2014. December 1 Employers. Semi-weekly depositors must deposit employment taxes...
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