Monthly Archives: December 2012

How Over-Networking Can Put You Under

Network too much?  Is that possible?  Surely this concept goes against everything a small business owner has learned? In some ways yes – neglecting networking could be the start of a downward slide for a small business. In other ways it is important to know the difference between networking that...
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Transition Planning With The Four D’s

Heart attack, auto accident, illness, a resignation, family dispute. Most of these unanticipated, but by no means unusual or uncommon events, fall under ‘The 4Ds’ – Death, Divorce, Disability or Departure. The occurrence of any one of them can instantly throw a business into disarray. Unpleasant though they are to...
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Tips for Increasing Your Online Sales

Regardless of how skilled you may be at drawing clients to your website or into your store or office, the real test is how often a browser is being converted into a committed buyer.  One of the biggest mistakes that business owners make is to poorly allocate their marketing funds....
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Client Lifetime Value

Client Lifetime Value (CLV): an estimate of the net profit that will result from a single client over the time they deal with you. These days, marketing strategies are focusing on becoming more client-centric. All businesses need to learn the value of applying an equal emphasis to retention of existing...
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Overcoming Obstacles

Obstacles-they are unavoidable and at times seem never ending.  Piling up and suffocating businesses before they have a chance to breathe. But overcoming obstacles builds company culture, breeds character and ultimately separates the fleeting from the robust. Problems will be a regular part of life for any company; it is...
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